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Pacifix Group can help you meet your goals, quickly and effectively. Let us help. Consultants are an excellent resource for training, process improvement, systems implementation, management advisory, executive coaching and more.

Project Management is our way based on an understanding of essential knowledge areas integrated by a set of five core processes. Through our consulting platform in strategy, organizational development, management advisory services, business systems, enterprise solutions and capitalizing on productivity tools already in your domain, Pacifix Group can help your drive your strateg

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Business Strategy

Every business deserves a strategy. A CEO who is internally focused on day-to-day operations is going to limit the possibility of profitable growth. Starting with the business plan, the leadership must choose goals that address market demand or creating new ones, developing cost-effective infrasture, planning for expansion and creating a brand are all imperatives. Having the insight can be difficult when you are too close to the daily grind. A strategic consultant is your partner. Contact us for an initial consultation.

Organizational Development

When you think of organizational development, HR often comes to mind. In today's world, HR becomes its own behemoth and relating to the rest of the organization as a bureaucracy with inflexibe rules.

True organizational development is related to the underlying business strategy. It takes an understanding if your business is resourced not just for today but to prepare for the future. Incorpating business process improvement, fasttracking reorganization due to merger integration and professionally developing your talent is vital to the future. Contact us for an initial consultation.

Management Advisory

Management Advisory Services provide an invaluable space for professionals in highly-visible or strategic roles to go for help, gain perspective and make decisions from a place of strength. Our MAS capabilities can help you do just that by uncoupling responsibilities that can be delegated, mentoring, and determining strategic priorities for the organization and yourself. Focus may be in finance, quality, operations, IT or risk management yet these principles still hold true.

To learn more about how we can best assist you, contact us.

Portfolios, Programs, Projects

Projects perform best when they are the result of a strategic plan known as a Project Portfolio. While excellence in project management is essential; organizations that strategize which projects are viable now in terms of funding, resources and market conditions are better slotted for success. Projects with commonalities in terms of shared resources, complementary goals or major dependencies can be strategically grouped into programs. A Project Management Office is an excellent way to oversee simultaneous projects by meaningful allocation of shared services and resources.

Project Management Methodology

There are several leading methodologies for Project Management. The Project Management Institute champions the PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge and provides a certification as a PMP. In addition, the tech world embraces other methods as agile and lean where you may hear terms like scrum master, sprint and waterfall. All methodologies have their place. We can help you determine what would work in your environment based on your requirements.

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